I have had bladder cancer and when Kathleen works on me I feel as though I am enveloped in the security of pure caring compassion; she is with me body and soul. Her hands gently traverse an invisible roadmap of lymph. Slowly I become aware of a kind of subtle vibration, and walk away with a feeling of wellness. It is one of the many things I do to help my body heal and to prevent reaccurance of the cancer.
~ Irene Hecht


 Kathleen  incorporates two principles in facilitating healing in her patients. Kathleen listens, allowing her patient to speak what they think is wrong and then she listens with her knowledge, understanding and immediate relationship to accurately treat what is wrong. This facilitates alignment. 

I was experiencing eye problems, a fuzziness and an inability to focus and see. Kathleen offer'd to touch my eyes and the area around my eyes activating the lymph stream. Topically, her work was soothing but within a day, my eyes began to re-align and focus with greater clarity. I was aware when she was touching, healing was being activated. Kathleen is knowlegeable, informative and intuitive in her attentiveness toward the patient. Kathleen brings experience to her work.
~Anna Grace


Kathleen customizes the body work I receive based on my needs at the time. I want lymphatic drainage as a preventative measure against cancer and other illnesses. And I like a little sports masssage because I am athletic.She customizes the body work based on my needs at the time combining several modalities for me.When my sinuses flare she does amazing things with the lymph that is immediately effective.
~Star Schwartz


 Kathleen is very personal and professional. I always feel comfortable with her. The lymph work gives remarkable results. ~J.Guyon

 Kathleen combines her professional knowledge of the body's muscles, nerves and lymphatic system with a finely  tuned sensitivity with which she "listens" to each body's individual needs. Her sessions are at once educational  and restorative; after entrusting myself to her capable hands I leave feeling recalibrated in body and spirit.
~Mindy Lewis


Kathleen has magic hands. Her touch is gentle and yet her work goes deep. I feel transformed after a session with her. She works my two problem spots with a patient, warm, attentive touch that seems to have more lasting results than a more aggressive touch. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
~ Catherine