About Kathleen Steindler
State of New York - #024584
State of Massachusetts - #7568
Registration Certificate # 7263402
Affiliation: Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals ID#836653
State of Texas - License #MT018236
Massage Therapist – Private Practice 1998 -2013
Providing lymph drainage, reducing swelling in cases of lymph edema, post operative care, cosmetic surgery and post orthopedic surgery. Sometimes the therapy includes bandaging and teaching clients self bandaging for lymphedema. Facilitating pain relief through nerve, muscle and lymph therapies. Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and stone therapy are sometimes interwoven in therapeutic sessions. I also educate clients, and care givers for self care. Clients range in ages 14- 95 as well and infants infrequently.
Massage Therapist Hospice of Jackson, Wyoming 2003-2006
I provided lymph drainage for the hospice patients because of its ability to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, calming and comforting the patient. It was an effective part of palliative care to dying patients.
Massage Therapist - The Health Institute St. John’s Hospital Jackson, Wyoming 2004-2006
Facilitating Pain relief, meeting the needs of patients that were accident victims and post operative patients, using several modalities including all the nerve muscle and lymph training I have received.
Studieing and Working with the Lymphatic System since 1998 
Fingerlake School of Massage New York 2009-2010
Pacific College New York 2008-2009
The Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Certification in Lymph Drainage Therapy I, II, III, Advanced, Lymphatic Breast Care, Bandages Garments and Tools for Lymphedema Management and CDP Certified, Lymph Drainage Advanced II; Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid and Autonomic Nervous System
Certification in Cranial Sacral I, II, III
Certification in Heart Centered Therapy I & II
Barrall Institute,  
Peripheral Nervous system I & II
Visceral Manipulation I, II, III, IV and Advanced Thorax 1998-2010
Austin School of Massage 1997-1998
A lightning strike in August of ’93 was a catalyst for propelling me into this life work. While preparing dinner for my family, I answered the telephone. Lightning found its path though the phone receiver and entered my chin moving over and through my torso at the speed of light to exit my hip. In a painless unconscious flight across our kitchen, witnessed by my family I woke to the account of the strike. I was unaware of the trauma and felt absolutely fine and very calm. Repercussions from the lightning strike were relatively simple at first. Emergency room doctors had told me I was very lucky when they couldn’t find any problems. Four years later is when the pain came on where the exit burn had been. The nerve pain spread up and down the left half of my body.
 I know very personally the wonders of receiving real help and relief from therapists that have a gift of listening and understanding the human body. It has given me a commitment to facilitating healing for others.
I was working for World Hunger Relief inc. training people in sustainable agriculture and sanitation when I had the opportunity to study with a therapist who had helped me. I was inspired with the thought of bringing therapy to the poor that I served in other countries whose many needs go unmet in so many areas. I had no thought of leaving that work to be a therapist. Destiny required a move and change and this work has been a perfect provision.
I have practiced lymph drainage in both Texas and Wyoming for eleven years before moving to New York City four years ago. I have loved the work and have enjoyed so many wonderful clients.     
Though my passion is Lymph Drainage I have acquired skills to address the body as a whole as I care for people.